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Wednesday, 22 October 2003
il fait froid


This is the picture of the garden outside my room in chez Wolff.  The garden is very peaceful and in the summer we sometimes eat outside under the tree in the evening. The grass is a bit dry after the long hot summer.

At the moment it is 2 C outside, and it should drop to below zero overnight.  Finally summer is over. Yesterday and today we had showers of rain.

Last night I backed up all my webpages and then upgraded my blog software. It was a bit more time-consuming than I thought it would be, and it’s just as well I made the backup because in my tiredness I made a mistake and the simplest way to fix it was to restore.  You shouldn’t notice any differences after the backup, but it will allow me to introduce more things in the future.

According to lil blue meanie:

bluemeanie is sick today. done
german homework. my day was good.
i want to go to japan.

In fact she has been nagging me about going to Japan since our trip to Cape Town in August. Last year I nagged them about going to Japan (but they weren’t keen and we ended up in Cuba instead). I am pleased that she wants to go now, as I have been wanting to go to Japan for about the last 21 years.

gogo has also been in touch, and said on Sunday night:

I have been reading all your news and looking at the photo’s - such joy to me!  I particularly enjoyed your comments about last weekend in Oxted and the photo of MasterParkholly certainly makes her views known and I agree that she needs to be able to join in conversations!

I won’t lose much sleep worrying about that.

Posted by bigblue on 22/10/2003 at 01:03 AM
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Another lovely sunny (but short) day today, although there was remnants of overnight frost this morning.  You can compare the picture above (taken this morning) with this one

Posted by  on  05/11/2003  at  11:34 PM

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