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Thursday, 15 January 2004
Inside Gockelburg


I put together the above picture from a series of stills that I captured from a video I took inside the restaurant last night. These are definitely the people I saw in the restaurant but (as Franz said) does anyone know their names? grin 

Not much happened today.

Earlier I tried to find out on the Royal Mail website how much it would cost to, say, send a parcel of 20 x 30 cm weighing, oh, not much more than a telephone, to an address in the UK.  (Just out of interest).  Unfortunately their website is crap, in places. I did finally get the information, but first I tried to enter the information under the “Quick Find” box as follows:
Where is it going? UK only
When do you want it to get there? 3 days or more
Do you want a guaranteed service? yes
The response was There are no matches to your current selection, please try again

Is this stupid or what? If I select Next day guaranteed instead of 3 days or more then I have two options. Surely someone who selects 3 days or more is saying that they are not overly concerned about the time that will be taken for the parcel to reach the destination, rather than insisting that the delivery must take more than two days. 

So, technically, it is not possible to have recorded delivery and only have the delivery in 3 days time (or more). Thanks to Royal Mail for clearing that one up! Now, is it better to deal with an anally-retentive computer system or with an anally-retentive person working behind a counter somewhere?

Posted by bigblue on 15/01/2004 at 11:57 PM
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