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Friday, 05 December 2003
l’abre de Noel

Place Kleber Christmas Tree

This photo is of the official Strasbourg Christmas tree, in Place Kléber. The Christmas Tree, as a tradition, obviously has pagan origins (the Romans and the Celts used to decorate trees during winter).  However the modern Christmas Tree originated in Germany, with Strasbourg being the place where one was first mentioned in writing (in about 1605) - although this is disputed by the city of Riga, in Latvia.  According to the official site:

Throughout the month of December Place Kléber and the Facade de l’Aubette reveal their beauty in the soft light of the huge Christmas tree. The huge Christmas tree, which originates from the forests of the Domain Bitche and has a stately height of 25 metres (ca. 80 ft) delights hundreds of thousands of visitors, young and old alike.

Towering proudly above the village of sharing, majestic, the huge Christmas tree is lit with some 200 lighting motifs: Christmas balls, stars, lanterns, snowmen and model Alsatian houses, all of them from the hands of craftsmen.

At the foot of the King of the Forests is a village typical of Vosges. The original decoration is by Antoinette Pflimlin.

I took the above photo 2 evenings ago.

flank responded to my post on the recent insensitivity of the Australian Tennis Federation:

The cultural insensitivity was actually a mistake arising from Tennis Australia being supplied with the incorrect CD.  The fault has been traced back to the US company that supplied the CD.  The performer, who had been proud of having mastered this piece, was not impressed that his masterful performance was so badly received.  It is only the Australian cricket team that are such bad sports.  All our other sportsmen are pretty good blokes.  After Davis Cup we still currently hold about 6 World Cups (I think we may have just lost women’s hockey cup in a surprise upset to China).  England last held one in 1966.  I think they are making too much fuss over things at the moment.  They should win a few more World Cups first.

World Cups I think we hold:

Rugby League
International Rules Football
Men’s Hockey
Tennis (we have won this 28 times)

OK, the tennis is impressive. Carles told me it was 29, and more than double any other country. I also know that some countries do consider Field Hockey to be a sport. But this International Rules Football sounds a bit suspect. I wonder if any other countries actually compete at that.

Posted by bigblue on 05/12/2003 at 12:00 AM
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