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Monday, 22 November 2004

Smisby snow

The snow has all but melted. The above photo was taken early this morning, before the big meltdown, from the skylight in my bedroom. For a day or so the skylight had been covered in snow but this morning it was clear, so I boldly flipped it open and stuck my head out (I can just do this standing on the bed).

Every Sunday evening for the past month and a half I have popped into the Tesco service station in Ashby to buy some water. Last Sunday I startled the two female assistants who were engaged in a conversation on a rather personal and intimate nature, until they suddenly noticed me standing at the service hatch observing their conversation. (The shop is closed after 8 or 9 pm, so I couldn’t enter the shop). They apologised profusely with evident embarassment and told me that it was unusual for them to be discussing such subjects. They kept apologising, so I said to them not to worry, I remember nothing of the conversation. As I left they were still laughing with embarassment. 

This evening the same thing happened again. I parked my car, walked to the service hatch, and then observed the same conversation. The woman on the other side of the counter turned to me, and I ordered my litre bottle of water. She asked the second woman to pass it to her. They said something to each other about having been caught at it again.  Then it started to dawn on them that I was the same person as last week, and they both turned and asked me if I had been there last Sunday. I replied that I had, and that I was the “same person as last week”.  The uncontrolled and embarassed laughing started again. The woman at the counter dropped the bottle, dropped the money I passed her, and dropped the change.  When I drove away they were still shaking and laughing.  Come to think of it, I was laughing too.

Posted by bigblue on 22/11/2004 at 12:33 AM
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