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Tuesday, 02 January 2007
New Year Resolutions


My New Year’s Resolution is under threat today: I have caught the dreaded lurgy and was unable to go for a run this evening in the rain and cold. My second day: what a disappointment.

Hertfordshire University is seeking to enroll 10,000 people in an online experiment on making - and keeping - New Year’s . (Hat tip: Rebecca Blood). It’s not too late to sign up here.

Posted by bigblue on 02/01/2007 at 09:08 PM
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You didn’t catch it from me - berryberry doesn’t travel over t’internet


Posted by David  on  03/01/2007  at  09:24 AM

Ah - so there is an advantage being based away from you! NO more berry flu. (For Info: I am at the end of a runway. I can see the planes. I can see the M1 traffic. I have a window seat.)

I have managed so far to keep my new year resolution - I have actually sat (and peddled) my shiny, new bike 2 nights running. It is in my conservatory though. The roads aren’t safe. How long it will last though is anyones guess.

Posted by KateMarie  on  03/01/2007  at  12:31 PM

Ah Kate, so you’ve taken up a hobby for the New Year.  May your anorak always be dry, and a warm thermos and binoculars always be at hand. Bless.

And you’ve got an exercise bike too?

Posted by bigblue  on  03/01/2007  at  04:45 PM

It isn’t a hobby. This is work. They’ve chucked me out and sent me to the Airport away from all the trouble makers. I seriously don’t need binoculars. The new Office really is close enough to see the planes. Thermos though might be handy - the tea quality is very poor.

And it’s a proper bike that goes outside too. I even have a crash hat. At the minute, it’s mounted on one of those ‘thingys’ that means you can peddle inside, but actually not go anywhere. I’m trying to get used to how uncomfortable it is - ready for the glorious summer bike rides.

Posted by KateMarie  on  04/01/2007  at  12:16 PM

Crash hat! Does it have flowers in it?

Posted by bigblue  on  04/01/2007  at  03:27 PM

Nope - no flowers. A very tasteful grey. But as long as it protects my head when I fall off then that’s okay. I’m old enough now not to care how ridiculous it actually looks.

Posted by KateMarie  on  05/01/2007  at  12:06 PM

You are worried about falling off it and landing on the carpet?  If it is protection you are after, why don’t you rather get a helmet like everyone else?

Posted by bigblue  on  05/01/2007  at  01:15 PM

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