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Sunday, 30 October 2005
n’hésitez pas!

warning notice

On Friday night Pinkie and I drove up to Nottingham, to see her friend Chris who is studying music at the Uni there.  Bluemeanie also mentions him today.  They ate supper at Wagamama, and then we dropped Chris back at his house shortly before midnight.

The centre of Nottingham seemed pretty quiet by comparison with other evenings I have been there. According to a Time Magazine article earlier this year there is a general binge drinking problem in England, and Nottingham is the drinks capital of the UK

It’s a typical Friday night in the center of Nottingham, a city of 267,000 in middle England where on weekends 50,000 people roll up to more than 350 establishments licensed to sell alcohol - all within a few blocks. Licensing authorities allow 70% of the area’s pubs, clubs and bars to serve drinks after the 11 p.m. state-mandated closing time - as late as 2 a.m. in some cases.

The article also highlights that drink affects more than just the drinkers

And drink affects more than just the drinkers. The government report estimated that alcohol-related disease or injury was responsible for 5 million emergency-room visits in England in 2000-01, up to 22,000 deaths in England and Wales in 2000 and health-care costs of about $3 billion. Around 70% of emergency-room patients in NHS hospitals on Friday and Saturday nights are treated for alcohol-related conditions. Hospitals in Cardiff and Swansea were so swamped by the intoxicated that in the weeks before Christmas [2004] they erected temporary military-style field hospitals in city centers to treat casualties on the scene.

Recently the government of the UK introduced licencing laws allowing for 24-hour public alcohol consumption, supposedly in a bid to change the culture of binge-drinking. Quite how this will work remains to be seen, given that Nottingham City Centre already enjoyed extended drinking hours, and considerable social problems as a result.  The Nottingham City Council report into making Nottingham safe is quite informative.

There are several organisations, such as apas, in Nottingham and around the country to help people who might be pissing all their money against a wall.

Posted by bigblue on 30/10/2005 at 03:45 PM
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