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Thursday, 31 July 2008
Oxted from the “Woldingham Viewpoint”


It took me 35 minutes to get here via a direct and steep route, and it will take 35 minutes to get back down via a long and more scenic route.

It is starting to rain, so I will get cracking then…

Posted by bigblue on 31/07/2008 at 07:54 PM
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Argh!  We’ve lost gravity!

Posted by FinkAngel  on  01/08/2008  at  10:46 AM

The last time I checked we were on the top part of the world. Has someone been playing marbles with us?

Posted by Janet  on  01/08/2008  at  04:47 PM

Very funny.

I didn’t notice this when I took the photo.

Basically my phone has a built-in “accelerometer” which it uses for various things, including detecting if a photo was taken in landscape or portrait mode. It seems that it was a bit shook-up at the time I took the photo. It has happened once before on a train.

Posted by bigblue  on  01/08/2008  at  05:37 PM

Blame the technology! Were you holding your phone upsidedown?

Posted by Janet  on  01/08/2008  at  11:10 PM

Er, I was perched on top of a waste bin (to get a good view over the barbed wire fence), so perhaps!

Posted by bigblue  on  03/08/2008  at  12:42 PM

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