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Saturday, 01 July 2006
Oxted Pram Race

Oxted Pram Race

Sat outside in the sunshine yesterday evening and watched the Oxted Pram Race pass by.  When these chaps ran past I wondered if Fathers for Justice had entered.  As I understand it, the Pram Race raises money for charity. The entrants run from New Oxted near the station to Old Oxted, stopping for “refreshments” at various establishments along the way. Many of the spectators who line the route carry water pistols which they use to squirt at the competitors. In turn, many of the competitors carry their own water pistols. The entrants from the local Fire Brigade even had some kind of water cannon.

Posted by bigblue on 01/07/2006 at 10:01 PM
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Do you, perchance, have any more photos of the wonderful event? I appreciate it’s a long shot considering 77 teams took part, but I ask because I need proof that I was there participating to get the stragglers to pay up their sponsorship money. When we went past your location, I’d probably given up running by then. One of the hardboard football boots had dislodged from the buggy and was gouging out a rut in the tyre, acting as a brake. Don’t like that excuse for our poor performance? I’ll come up with another then! I was disappointed that due to all the water flying around the cassette player gave up, so we weren’t blaring out our footie music that we’d intended would add ambiance to our theme.

Football Crazy

Posted by Lynn  on  07/07/2006  at  11:15 AM


The photos are actually stills from my camcorder. I tried to film all the teams coming past. Unfortunately I was filming into the sun, and enjoying the event (and my glass of beer) far too much to move around to a better position. Hence much of the footage is poor quality, and sun-kissed. I was turning on and off so when the teams came past in a bunch of two or three I didn’t get them all so well.

Here’s the video of the Oxted Pram Race.  I’ll have a look through the tape this evening and see if I can spot the football team, and pull off some decent stills for you…

Update: Oops, YouTube deleted the video because it was over 10 minutes long. I will have to split it in two and load it again.  It’ll be somewhere here, probably tomorrow.

Posted by bigblue  on  07/07/2006  at  08:35 PM

Here are the links:
Oxted Pram Race - Part 1
Oxted Pram Race - Part 2

Posted by bigblue  on  07/07/2006  at  11:04 PM

Thanks, you’re a star. The money will coming flooding in now, ha, ha! Our music was playing at that point then! Cheers.

Posted by Lynn  on  10/07/2006  at  10:06 AM

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