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Sunday, 16 October 2005
Pac Graffiti


Another stenciled item of graffiti appeared in Oxted recently, to add to the other example.  It is not clear that the same stenciler was responsible. 

Yesterday I chose a Saturday newspaper based upon the DVD it was giving away. There were about 4 or 6 DVDs being given away in different papers so I chose based on the movie I would most like to see. I ended up with the newspaper that I normally get, but I feel a bit disturbed that I changed my criteria. From the BBC: How can papers afford to give away DVDs?.  It raises some interesting questions about the entertainment (music, film) industry.

Posted by bigblue on 16/10/2005 at 05:21 PM
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So, what was the “free” film you chose…?

Posted by ian  on  16/10/2005  at  08:15 PM

The local rag regularly gives away both DVDs and CDs - with the weekend edition.

A few months ago the local music shop was giving away free DVD players with each two DVDs bought.  For 16 pounds you got two DVDs and a DVD player.

Posted by flank  on  16/10/2005  at  11:29 PM

So, what was the “free” film you chose…?

I went for the “Inde” film in the “Inde” paper.

Posted by bigblue  on  18/10/2005  at  09:43 AM

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