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Saturday, 17 December 2016
Paroisse Saint Joseph


On my way to my meeting yesterday, I walked past the familiar Chapel of Saint Joseph. I enjoy observing the changes in the buildings and their neighbourhoods over the months and years that I pass through the nearby park and suburbs.  According to the church website:

The Chapel of Saint Joseph was constructed in 1933, and celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2013.

The Chapel was built by the architect Jean Margerand under the direction of the Diocesan Association of Paris; The foundation stone was laid on 30 April 1933, and the Church was blessed in December 1933. The hall and rectory were built in 1975 and new rooms were added to the church at that time.

The main structure of the church comprises concrete and brick, while the roof is made of slate and zinc. The vaults of the chapel are partly paneled. A renovation of the chapel (walls and floor) was undertaken in the Summer of 2013.

Posted by bigblue on 17/12/2016 at 07:49 PM
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