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Saturday, 29 November 2003
postcards from the wardrobe

wardrobe pictures

I took this photo of some postcards on pinkie’s wardrobe. What struck me was how much this nightcrawler of the right hand picture looks like Ross Gellar (actor David Schwimmer) of Friends from the left hand picture. nightcrawler is an X-Man, whose body is covered with tatoos/scars. He is apparently German and religious, although he is a mutant. My information comes from bluemeanie.

This week has flown - it is Friday already, and tomorrow is Holly’s birthday party. In fact this year has flown as it is nearly December. On Monday I heard my first supermarket Christmas Carol (in Auchan in Schweighouse, near to Haguenau).  And it was a Boney M one - so I could award myself double points.  Then I got home to chez Wolff and found my first Christmas card had arrived.  It was from someone who sent me an email, not very long ago, complaining that people are celebrating Christmas too early. She won’t mind that I threw the card in the bin then.

I have to start thinking about Christmas presents. I tend to leave it till the last minute, which ruins Christmas Eve as it introduces too much stress.  Perhaps I will find some things at the Strasbourg Christmas Market, which opens this weekend.  Mewn has posted a photo of last minute preparations here. I am going to see the market for the first time on Tuesday after work - meeting up wtih an ex-colleague for gluwein and a promonade, then perhaps a restaurant somewhere.

My favourite Christmas lights/decorations in Strasbourg are in rue des Hallebardes - Baccarat crystal apparently.  I will try to take a photo of them this year.  The French word hallebarde mean, in English, a halberd, a medieval weapon, as depicted here.

Posted by bigblue on 29/11/2003 at 12:08 AM
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