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Friday, 30 June 2006
Radioactive Waste


I am currently spending a lot of time driving up and down the M25 every day. Some days, like today, there is gridlock. The truck on the right in the photo above has a notice on the back warning that it contains radioactive materials. One wonders what company would transport hazardous radioactive materials on one of the busiest motorways in the world during rush-hour. I took the photo this afternoon which appears to have been some kind of breakdown day: I counted about seven or eight accidents or breakdowns along my stretch of the M25.

The company that does this is Circle Express:

With global logistics integrators increasingly becoming one-stop-shops for their customers, Circle Express is meeting this need by increasing the number of services it offers. For example, it has established a separate division, Connection Couriers, for the movement of ‘same day’ time sensitive consignments and incorporating radioactive, highly hazardous material and firearms. “It’s specialist, immediate-response work – apart from the distribution side of the business – which is generally overnight. It’s a growing area for us,” said Coffey. “Most of our depots already have a dedicated Connection Courier department and we’ll be extending that service to all of them over the next year. Again, it will benefit from the IT enhancements – in-cab data system, traceability, real-time information and so on.”

They don’t state what the consequences might be if one of their trucks is involved in an accident and some of the radioactive or hazardous materials is released.

Then again, according to GreenPeace,

Every week trains carrying highly radioactive nuclear waste travel on Britain’s outdated public rail network, often during peak hours.

If one of these trains was targetted by terrorists and caught fire while in a tunnel, the radioactive release could spread for over 50 kilometres, spreading cancer-causing radiation in its wake. In a city like London, 350,000 people might have to take shelter or be evacutated and over 8,000 people could die of cancer in the long term.

Yet this deadly cargo routinely passes through more than 20 major cities and towns including Edinburgh, Bristol and London.

Tony Blair wants to build 10 new nuclear reactors, quadrupling the amount of highly radioactive waste already produced - all of which could be transported around the UK. But there is a cleaner, safer and cheaper alternative to nuclear power: decentralised energy.

It takes over 1 million years for the most highly radioactive nuclear waste to become safe, but it only takes one man to make a dangerous decision.  Take action now.

Posted by bigblue on 30/06/2006 at 11:02 PM
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Eh???  What’s that all about???!

Posted by FinkAngel  on  04/07/2006  at  07:33 PM

I don’t know what was in that truck, but probably not waste from a nuclear power plant…  However I find it disconcerting that I am driving in rush hour traffic on the busy M25 every day, passing accidents daily, and then spot this radioactive truck weaving in and out of the traffic ahead of me! 

On the other hand you catch the train so are probably dodging the nuclear power waste .... ;-(

Posted by bigblue  on  05/07/2006  at  11:52 PM

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