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Wednesday, 30 July 2014
Road rage in London

Taxi driver goes mental because there are cyclists blocking the way in front of him.  The cyclists tried to explain calmly that there was no room for him to move forward safely due to the procession of cyclists in the road, and asked him to be patient a couple of minutes. He lost it, and a few members of the public saw fit to try and intervene with him.

Because Critical Mass takes place without an official route or sanction, participants in some cities have sometimes practiced a tactic known as “corking” in order to maintain the cohesion of the group. This tactic consists of a few riders blocking traffic from side roads so that the mass can freely proceed through red lights without interruption….

The practice of corking roads in order to pass through red lights as a group is in contravention of traffic laws in some jurisdictions and is sometimes criticized to be contrary to Critical Mass’ claim that “we are traffic”, since ordinary traffic does not have the right to go through intersections once the traffic signal has changed to red.  However, groups of cyclists are allowed to pass signals as a group at least in Germany and Austria.  Corking has sometimes led to hostility between motorists and riders, even erupting into violence and arrests of motorists and cyclists alike during Critical Mass rides.

~ see Critical Mass on Wikipedia.

Posted by bigblue on 30/07/2014 at 07:57 AM
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