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Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Samedi, il devient passionnant

Telstra Stadium

flank took this picture of the Telstra Stadium in Sydney (then known as “Stadium Australia”) on 29 June 2002, the night that Australia narrowly beat France.  This stadium is venue for a number of the RWC matches this month and next.

kirsten sent me a mail which suggested that what I need for this RWC is a bit of focus and suggesting that:

Saturday is going to be awesome, get yourself down to a pub to watch.  It is the most important pool game of the world cup.  Have a getaway planned though if things don’t go our way!!  I know what you mean about the easier games but they do provide some lovely running rugby when handling errors don’t get in the way.  The games against Samoa will be good and the other pools have some interesting games as well.  I am looking forward to watching Australia v Ireland the weekend after next (it is just after the SA v Samoa game).

That “getaway-strategy” sounds a bit ominous.  I had referred to the opening pool matches as the “mickey mouse” stage of the RWC, but kirsten has a point. The important action starts this Saturday, although I think the Ireland-Australia match will be a bit once sided - and only really exciting if you are there!  Today of course Fiji beat the USA 19-18, and that game was probably exciting, even if it was pretty irrelevant to the tournament as a whole.

The England vs South Africa match that kirsten mentioned kicks off at 20:00 local time, which is 13:00 UK time. Of course, as the match is being played in Perth, SA will have the home crowd advantage.

(kirsten and steve leave for Australia tomorrow).  Bon voyage!

Posted by bigblue on 15/10/2003 at 11:55 PM
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Stadium Australia is one of the large stadia at Olympic Park in Homebush Bay.  Two of its stands were taken down after the Olympics, reducing the capacity of the stadium to about 80,000 and thereby making it a more profitable venue. They have removed the large structure that was used for the Olympic flame and turned it into a large water fountain (behind the photo-taker). All well worth a visit, if only to gawk at all the fancy architecture. 

Most “footie” games in Sydney are played at Aussie Stadium in Moore Park. Melbourne’s Cricket Ground (used for the Melbourne Olympics: has a capacity of 110,000 - and is often filled to capacity, but mostly with Aussie Rules Football games.  Only the traditional Boxing Day cricket test tends to fill the stands.

South Africa do not stand a chance against England, although it will be an interesting game, particularly as everyone will be looking at England’s use of the rolling maul to see if Black is “bound” or not.  If South Africa lose that game they will undoubtedly face the All Blacks in the quarters, and an early exit from the final stage.

Posted by flank  on  17/10/2003  at  04:53 AM

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