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Tuesday, 14 February 2006
Sometimes just fight and run away

winners do not quit

After my experiences with BT Yahoo complaints I can see the value of a bulldogged approach: hold tight when you get the chance and don’t let go. Only yesterday I found the first person at BT Yahoo who seems in any way concerned about the fact that I lost my broadband connection two weeks ago, and is prepared to try and fix the problem.  All my previous attempts to log incidents and complaints had been ignored.  For example this afternoon I received a response to my second written complaint, lodged five days ago:

Unfortunately we are unable to assist with the issues raised in your email. We have however passed your email to our Order Management Desk who will be in contact with you shortly to work towards a satisfactory resolution.  Should you wish to contact the desk please call 0800 169 8639.

I would again like to apologise for the problems you have experienced. I do hope this information will be of assistance to you.

Kind regards

And they have closed the complaint without even establishing that my problem is resolved: amazing!

On a more general level there is something that disturbs me about the above motivational sign, which I found in a local primary school foyer.  I would have thought it was common sense in the 21st Century that successful people need to develop critical thinking skills that allow them to determine which struggles are worth fighting and which one needs to walk away from.  We need to prioritise our energies and focus on realistically achievable goals and strategic objectives.  Further, if a project or activity is “doomed to failure” then the sooner one walks away, before overcommitting resources then the better. 

Moreover, perhaps the message is particularly inappropriate for young children who need to develop confidence to learn from mistakes, even serious ones, without feeling a sense of “failure”.  No?

Posted by bigblue on 14/02/2006 at 09:45 PM
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Rehab’s for Quitters.

Posted by mart  on  16/02/2006  at  02:56 PM

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