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Friday, 07 July 2006
Speed Cameras

speed camera on M25

Yesterday afternoon after work I spent 2 hours in the perpetual bouchon that is the M25 motorway. For five minutes I was stationary at the place where I snapped the above photograph. It is taken looking across at the roadsign spanning the clockwise carriageway near Junction 10 for Guildford. This is a rear view of the roadsigns showing four speed cameras - one over each lane. Often these cameras have caught my eye when driving in the opposite direction, because if a car in the lane below one of them is speeding, the camera flashes. Until today I didn’t get a good look at them.  I think this is a new kind of speed camera, as it is not listed on the web guide to speed cameras.

Today is the first anniversary of the London Tube bombings. At work aa 2-minute silence at noon has been organised. I will willingly participate, although I hope it doesn’t become an annual event - I sort of feel that there are so many tragedies and atrocities like this, so I don’t agree with elevating one above the rest. I will also be catching up on bombing victim Rachel of North London and her campaign for a full and independent inquiry into the bombing. It’s strange to think about it now, but at the time of the bombings last year (or shortly thereafter) I was on the Metro in Paris.

Posted by bigblue on 07/07/2006 at 07:39 AM
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