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Sunday, 05 February 2006
Spring is imminent

tree at night

I took this photograph the other night shortly after taking the one of the Ashby Garden Decorations.  I love trees and I see in this one the signs that spring is around the corner.  I follow quite a few blogs and other news feeds.  I use Bloglines as a tool to view these all in one place.  I am currently monitoring 379 feeds using Bloglines. Obviously I can’t keep up with all this information, so I prioritise what I follow.  A nice feature of Bloglines is that you can see how many other people subscribe to the same feed as you. This doesn’t mean that they are reading it - for example I cannot bother to keep up with many of the high volume blogs - but it does give some idea of relative popularity.  And I do not believe that popularity is neccesarily an indication of quality.  There are some real gems out there that do not have many subscribers. For example, one of my favourites described the imminent arrival of spring in London thus:

At this time of year, with the daylight seeping back, slowly at first, unnoticed, like a washing machine flooding the downstairs neighbour, extending the days in miniscule amounts, the birds start to sing and preen and nest build, and in particular my friends the blackbirds, fiercely territorial beings who thrive in these city spaces, fanfare the imminence of Spring more effectively than snowdrops, crocusses or the annual tax return.

I am always surprised that the Blog of Funk has only a handful of Bloglines subscribers (5 as at today) whereas far less talented writers and observers can have hundreds.

Posted by bigblue on 05/02/2006 at 12:18 AM
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