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Monday, 30 May 2005


Here’s a wider view of the sunset I took at the top of Annwell Wood on Friday evening last week.

Some interesting facts about the word sun:

sun (n.)
  Old English sunne, from Proto-Germanic *sunnon (cf. Old Norse, Old Saxon, Old High German sunna, Middle Dutch sonne, Dutch zon, German Sonne, Gothic sunno), from Proto-Indo-European *s(u)wen- (cf. Avestan xueng “sun,” Old Irish fur-sunnud “lighting up”), alternate form of base *saewel- “to shine, sun” (see Sol). Old English sunne was feminine, and the feminine pronoun was used until 16c.; since then masculine has prevailed. The empire on which the sun never sets (1630) originally was the Spanish, later the British. To have one’s place in the sun (1688) is from Pascal’s “Pensées”; the German imperial foreign policy sense (1897) is from a speech by von Bülow. The United States Sunbelt is first recorded 1969. Sunlight is first recorded c.1205. Sunbeam was in Old English; sunset first recorded 1390 (sundown is from 1620); sunrise is first found 1440 (sun-up is from 1712). Sundial is from 1599. Sunspot in reference to the solar phenomenon is from 1868. Egg served sunny side up first attested 1900. Sunroof of a car is from 1966.

sun (v.)
  1519, “to set something in the sun,” from sun (n.). Meaning “to expose oneself to the sun” is recorded from 1610. Sun-bathing is attested from 1600. Sun-tan (v.) is recorded from 1821; the noun is first attested 1904. Sunburn (v.) is from sunne y-brent (c.1400).

from the Online Etymology Dictionary via a discussion on the Flickr group Sunrise, Sunset—Anything Sun!.

Posted by bigblue on 30/05/2005 at 09:44 PM
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