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Friday, 01 August 2014
Tailgating on Titsey Hill

So I did a little survey this week, over three days. I spent about 6 minutes on each of three days cycling along Titsey Hill between Bluehouse Lane and Pilgrims Way, at about the same time every day.  This is a well-known accident hotspot, and the scene of several of my complaints about dangerous driving. In addition, once departing Limpsfield Village, the speed limit goes up to 60 mph, and drivers seem to take advantage of that, despite the bends and uneven surface of the road in places.  The total distance of this stretch of road is 1.8 km, and the difference in elevation between the start and end is 39 metres.

Using my video footage, I counted the number of cars that passed me (in both directions) and I also counted the number of cars that were either tailgating the car in front of them or were being tailgated by a car behind them. (I did not count the same car twice).  My definition of tailgating is if they were travelling less than 2 seconds behind the car in front.

I ignored the speed at which the vehicles were travelling, whether the vehicles were speeding, how closely they overtook me, or any other factor.  I only measured whether they were tailgating at the time they overtook me, and if there was any doubt, I gave the drivers the benefit of the doubt. I did not include whether the driver tailgated me, only whether they were tailgating (or being tailgated by) another vehicle. There were between 57 and 72 cars on each day, and the percentages for cars involved in tailgating varied from 59% to 64% on each day.

Besides for the percentage of drivers involved in tailgating being much higher than I had expected, what I realised when doing this survey is that when you are being tailgated by another driver they are not only being rude and inconsiderate, but probably a distraction too. They are not only putting their own lives in danger, but also those of you and your passengers.

Posted by bigblue on 01/08/2014 at 11:14 PM
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