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Friday, 20 January 2012
Taking the goat


This is a very thoughtful Christmas present that I received last month: a donation on my behalf to a third world charity: Action Aid: Gifts in Action. and the gift came with some little paper cut-out figures so that I could play with some similar donors (or proxy donors) who were also recipients (or donors) of similar gifts.


There was one problem with the gift! The two people who gave it to me (knowing of my specific objection to sending goats to sub-Saharan Africa) had intended to make a donation to an HIV charity on my behalf, and not send a goat to Malawi on my behalf. So when the wrong gift pack arrived, what to do?

No problem - they went online and made a donation to a goat sanctuary. Result! One family in Malawi get their goat, and one goat is recued from an abusive owner…


Posted by bigblue on 20/01/2012 at 06:23 PM
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It seems such a waste to provide sanctuary to a perfectly edible animal.
That aside, I can see another flaw in this.  Your benevolent (but not beneficent) friends have tackled only part of the problem.  They should also have planted some bushes and grasses in Kent to compensate for the denudation that will be caused in Sub-Saharan Africa by the original goat.

Posted by flank  on  13/02/2012  at  07:33 PM

I think that non-vegetarians should have the option of donating a pot so that an existing goat can be eaten rather than saved, or donating goat-food so that a starving goat could be fattened up for the pot…

Posted by bigblue  on  21/02/2012  at  03:08 PM

Of course, if donkey welfare is your thing: Daily Mash donkey appeal.

Posted by bigblue  on  11/05/2012  at  09:54 PM

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