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Saturday, 22 September 2007
The Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

Another photo from outside the Royal Albert Hall yesterday before the concert.  The fairies are on the left of the statue and (disappointingly) they were mere bucket-shaking coin-catchers (collecting donations) during intermission and at the end. Phew: I managed to avoid the terms half-time and full-time in that last sentence.

The concert was truly amazing. Annie Lennox has incredible energy, and was the definite highlight.  It was also my first exposure to some of the other artists (mentioned yesterday.  The lowlight was almost starting World War III with a couple of women in the middle of the second half (just as Jeremy Gilley was being introduced). My cousin and I had swapped seats during intermission as we were seated on opposite ends of the theatre. I accidentally sat in the wrong row, and was confronted very aggressively by these two women after making myself comfortable in one of their seats for over half an hour. Well as comfortable as I could sitting next to another group of women (on my right) who had taken off their shoes and were lounging (as if on the couch at home) stuffing themselves with tubs of ice-cream. Do you know how disgusting stinky feet and ice-cream smells, sisters? 

Anyway, despite my best efforts to explain (sotto voice) that I was sure we could resolve the issue peacefully, and that if I had usurped their seat this was entirely accidental, and would they mind checking my ticket, the first two sisters were having none of this. Man Issues perhaps? When I confirmed that it was my mistake I couldn’t have apologised profusely enough or beaten a hasty enough retreat to satisfy them. And I couldn’t beat a hasty retreat anyway because the seat was in the middle of a long row of settled people whose knees and legs I had to squeeze past.  Thankfully as soon as Annie came on I was joined by a couple of other thronging masses in the aisles and on the stairs.

And where was the air-conditioning last night - it was like a sauna inside the Royal Albert - or was that just my guilt pricking me?

Extra link: Article by on Annie Lennox (by Vicky Plum).

Posted by bigblue on 22/09/2007 at 06:37 PM
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After breakfast, the seven dwarfs head off to the mine. Snow White finishes the housework, makes the dwarves’ lunch and then also goes to the mine. On arrival she discovers there has been a mine collapse. Extremely worried, she calls out “Can anybody hear me, is anybody there?” From down below she hears a voice reply “England to win the World Cup!”  Snow White sighs with relief. “At least Dopey is still alive.”

Posted by flank  on  26/09/2007  at  10:27 PM

What’s the difference between an arsonist and the Australian Rugby Team?

= An arsonist wouldn’t waste 5 matches!

Posted by bigblue  on  11/10/2007  at  11:40 PM

Nobody expected the Wallabys to do well.  I was surprised they were one of the 4 southern hemisphere teams not to lose a game during the preliminary rounds (the fifth, Fiji, lost one game).  You have to feel for the NZ supporter who had had a huge tattoo done on his leg “ALL BLACKS WORLD CHAMPS 2007”.

In Australia rugby is not a popular sport and hardly ever gets broadcast on TV. Before the 2003 World Cup only 2 rugby games had ever been played in Victoria, the second largest state.

List of more popular sports in Australia:
Aussie Rules (largest audience)
Rugby League
Netball (highest competitive participation rate)

Some of the less obvious ones that are also more popular:
V8 Supercars
Surf Livesaving
Horse racing (OK - not really a sport)
Dog racing (what?)

Some that are less popular than rugby:
crocodile wrestling

Posted by flank  on  12/10/2007  at  11:53 PM

What’s the difference between the All Blacks and a tea-bag?

= The tea-bag stays in the cup longer.

Did you hear about the new All Blacks bra? It’s all support, and no cup.

Posted by flank  on  13/10/2007  at  02:08 AM

Did you hear what they call the 6th and 7th positions in the World Cup?

- The Bledisloe Cup

Posted by bigblue  on  16/10/2007  at  10:41 PM

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