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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

sunset train

Traicycling is a word I have invented (and a search on this word should point to this website, and this website only, very soon). The meaning of this word is as follows:

An excursion or outing involving the use of a train for part of the journey and a bicyle for the rest. This can be a group or solo activity. The train can be used to convey the cyclist/s to a good cycling location, or to remove the need for the cyclists to complete a circular journey solely by bicycle.

Ok, the definition needs a bit more work. Once I have improved it I might try and put it on Wiktionary.

Here are some examples of real-life traicycling:

Trains and bicycles articulate well as forms of transport. That is why it is such a pity that Southern Trains have removed the facilities for cyclists on their trains and now disallow cyclists to travel on their trains in peak hour:

Passengers on Southern trains are only allowed to take folding bikes on board.

The move has been criticised by councillors in Brighton and Hove, a city named as a “cycling demonstration town” to promote the mode of transport.

Members of the Cycle Train Commuter Group voiced their opposition at Brighton station on Monday morning.

Spokeswoman Gaynor Hartnell said: “The way the trains are designed doesn’t really accommodate bicycles.

“When we had the slam-door trains there were many bicycles and there was absolutely no problem, so better design of trains could accommodate many more bicycles.”

Adding insult to injury there is very little information for cyclists on the Southern Trains website.  There is more information at the UK Bike/Rail website, and it covers other operators too. 

Here are some additional links:

A neologism is an invented or artificial word to fulfil a particular purpose. In the case of traicycling there is no obvious purpose.

Posted by bigblue on 30/01/2007 at 05:42 AM
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