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Saturday, 12 November 2005
War memorial

Richmond cenotaph

This is a photograph I took last weekend in Richmond-upon-Thames of the war memorial alongside the Thames River. I was going to post this picture yesterday but preferred the poppies.  As Blairwatch said yesterday:

This is a day for sober reflection and honouring the millions who have died in battle and those who have had their lives shattered by conflict.

War has been sanitised by television and we have all been brutalised by it. We’ve got used to seeing shattered homes in Iraq, to seeing grieving mothers raging at the skies.

War is barbaric and often reduces people to their most base level and their living conditions to ashes. Twice in the last century, Europe was laid waste and parts have never quite recovered.

War should be the choice of last resort.

Further to my link two days ago to the exposé of the Sun newspaper’s campaign for a 90 day detention law in this country, it turns out that they have been opportunistically using the face of terror victims, who do not support them.  Surely, in the Sun’s terms, this makes the editor a traitor?

Another victim of the bombings, Rachel from North London is also against draconian terror legislation, although she makes it clear that she speaks for herself:

As everyone reading this knows by now, I was on the bombed train at Kings Cross, in the first carriage. So yes, I am not surprised that terrorists seek to do what they can to attack my democratic society, to threaten my liberties, to spread fear, to seek to divide us.

I do not expect my democratically-elected government to do the same. I cannot, and do not speak for all the victims, and nor can, and nor should Tony Blair and Charles Clarke.

But I know one thing: to defeat terrorism and hate-filled individuals we need to draw strength from each other, to co-operate and talk with each other, whether white or black, Muslim or Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jew or atheist. Just like we did went the lights went out and the tunnel filled with smoke and we heard the screams of the dying; we drew together, we held hands, we prayed and we did not panic.

I do not see why this ill-thought out macho posturing, which can only destabilise and divide us, by robbing men and women of the ancient and fundemental right of habeas corpus, and making sections of the community afraid, is going to defeat terror…

Posted by bigblue on 12/11/2005 at 08:13 AM
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