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Wednesday, 02 November 2011
Were you one of these car drivers in Oxted who nearly killed me yesterday?

This short video “fasts forward” through the bits with the normal/decent drivers and slows to real-time speed for three drivers who gave me a fright through their inconsiderate, reckless and dangerous overtaking….  The cars sported the following registration numbers: GP54OWA, GV10XWK, GU54GTX.  Were you one of these drivers? Do you seriously believe that you were obeying the highway code?

Link: I pay road tax.

Posted by bigblue on 02/11/2011 at 08:17 AM
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Two comments.  Firstly, down under it is illegal to show registration plates in a video like this for privacy reasons. Journalists, for example, have to pixel details like that out regardless of the circumstances.
Secondly, even though we live in a crowded cities people have a sense of being polite to one another.  The fact you are in a car does not change your social relationships or excuse your behaviour to your fellow countrymen.  But then we don’t (generally) have the sorts of aggressive (or passive-agressive) interactions that seem to be such a necessary feature of the social fabric over there.

Posted by flank  on  09/11/2011  at  11:16 AM

PS - you probably don’t understand what I’m saying so I should add that I’ve gone not weeks but months without seeing a single instance of the sort of driving that is shown here.  Today I did a round trip of about 70 kms across the city for a meeting and we did not see one car exceeding the speed limit or driving dangerously.  The difference in public behaviour is huge, and it originates in the head.

Posted by flank  on  09/11/2011  at  11:20 AM

That’s interesting. If one of the drivers objected to their reg number being published I would remove it (or hide the reg number). YouTube would also likely take down the video.

I’m not trying to publically humiliate anyone but to open a conversation as to why drivers in Oxted are driving so inconsiderately. Thirteen years ago, when I moved to Oxted, it was not like this. Furthermore is there a hypocrisy of Oxted residents complaining about dangerous quarry lorries and yet the mums of Oxted also making it unsafe for the kids of Oxted to cycle to school? What is causing bad-mannered/dangerous driving: a proliferation of lorries? a shortage of parking?

Anyway, this story made the local paper.

Posted by bigblue  on  11/11/2011  at  06:51 PM

Link to article on the legality of camera use by cyclists.

Posted by bigblue  on  13/10/2012  at  08:10 AM

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