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Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Fight fire with fire

Path & plant

I really like this plant - I’m not sure exactly why, but it does look like a bluemeanie special: it is hardy, needs little care, attention or water, and will take over a section of the garden. The only downside I can think is that it might need plenty of sunshine. I am looking for something that can take over from all the other plants that have taken over the meanie garden - push them out as it were. I wouldn’t like to pull any of them out of the ground (lest they scream [see point 7 in link]); far better to let nature take its course. I may take a cutting or six in the brazen manner that my elderly grandmother taught me when walking around her neighbourhood.

Here’s a close up view showing a purple spring blush:

Today I have “composed” a poem from Spam, in the fashion of Flaming Nora:

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Lets Keep In Touch

Getting back to the gardening theme, 1820 suggests we could learn something from Cuban organoponicos.

Posted by bigblue on 13/03/2007 at 01:19 PM
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It’s a hebe! Break off as many little branches as you dare from the bushes and place 5 or 6 in plastic cups of water until they form roots, then drop compost (J Innes) into the water until it forms a mud.

Let the water evaporate over time until you get a nice moist compost in the cups.

Plant out in late spring (May probably ok)

Loads of plants for no outlay

Posted by David  on  13/03/2007  at  07:49 PM

Ah cool!  Thanks for the tip. Your additional + lembran├ža do senhor do bonfim da bahia + wristbands are ready to post tomorrow. Just have to get into the PO to get them off!

Posted by bigblue  on  13/03/2007  at  09:48 PM

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