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Saturday, 20 January 2007
The Storm

The Storm

This photograph is about the people in Uxbridge who stood in yellow reflective jackets making a note of vehicle registration numbers, as the storm closed in.  More than 10 people died across the UK:

The storms battering the UK were so destructive because strong jet streams pushed the weather system across the Atlantic at an “explosive” rate, a climatologist said. David Stephenson, of Reading University’s department of meteorology, said the storm could be described as an extra-tropical cyclone. It took just two days to reach the UK from Canada, he said. “The system has grown, deepened and the winds have got stronger as it travelled across the Atlantic,” Dr Stephenson said, adding that slower storms normally had time to curl away from the UK and head towards Iceland. “This has developed so fast that it has come ploughing into Europe.” Recent wet weather saturated the ground, making it easier for trees to be pulled up. Dr Stephenson said the impact of a storm was related to where it hit land and to the population of an area. For example, the October 1987 storm was seen as so severe because it struck such a densely populated area.

Our weather is increasingly unsettled. This can also be seen as a global warning.

Posted by bigblue on 20/01/2007 at 10:05 PM
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