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Monday, 20 November 2006
Wales collage


I’m still ill and spent most of the day sleeping, in bed. I’m hoping that it won’t impact on the dreamtime tonight. This post will nonetheless be a mish-mash.  The above image contains nine photos which I have posted here before. Here are their descriptions, with links to my Flickr stream: 1. Stream, 2. Pen-y-beacon, 3. la descente, 4. King Henry VII, 5. Hay Castle, 6. Shepherds and me, 7. Trericket Mill, 8. Moss on the roof, 9. St Mary the Virgin.

I ran this blog through Regender, a different kind of translator which asks the questions

According to this blog the answer would have to be pretty much the same as it is now.  Perhaps it would be more “fun” to use the tool with a lad’s mag website, just don’t expect me to provide the link.  (Hat tip: the f-word blog).

I have added a widget at the bottom of the sidebar showing a recently played list and link. This will indentify and share the songs I have recently been playing on my computer, using  I’ll see how this works over the next few days - I got rid of my Flickr widget because it seemed to slow the site down.

Philobiblon has a short post on the recent Neathandal genetic discoveries, with a link to a John Hawks post on the subject.

Posted by bigblue on 20/11/2006 at 06:32 PM
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Where’s my anorak? Sadly, I remember seeing ALL of these before.

Don’t get me started on Barratt houses again grin

Posted by David  on  20/11/2006  at  09:38 PM

Yeah, sorry, it wasn’t that long ago .....

I forgot about your Barratt story ... LOL.

Posted by bigblue  on  21/11/2006  at  12:09 PM

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